Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Tuesday Kidlit Trivia for June 21, 2022

   Her picture books reflect her childhood in West Virginia, where she had hot biscuits for breakfast and squirrel for dinner. She didn't read children's books until she worked in a library after college. Her first book came out in 1982 when she was 28 and became a Caldecott Honor Book. It is a warm recollection of growing up in Appalachia, "When I Was Young in the Mountains," by Cynthia Rylant.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Tuesday Kidlit Trivia for June 14, 2022

   One of the most charming moments in the Jubilee celebration for Queen Elizabeth II was the video she made with a beloved English children's book character. That would be Paddington Bear, named for the London station where he was found. The first Paddington book, A Bear Called Paddington, came out in 1958. Art by Eleanor Tomlinson.

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Contest Entry about Beans and Feeling Awkward

I'm entering the Kidlit Vibes contest where I had to write a 125-word story onthe randomly chosen word, "Awkward." Here's my story:

Don’t Drop the Frijoles! (124 words)

By Deborah Holt Williams williamsdeborahholt@gmail.com

She said it was too heavy, but I promised my mom I could carry the bean crock to my Abuela’s.

“Hmmm…OK, but be careful and Don’t Drop the Frijoles!”

I carried the crock and almost stumbled down our steps, almost tripped over the garden hose,

nearly slipped on Abuela’s porch. I used my head to knock—and Uncle Jose 

opened the door right into me! SMASH! 

How could I tell my Abuela? 

I cried and told her the truth. 

“Are you hurt, Mijo?” I shook my head.

“But the frijoles?”

Abuela smiled.

“Ever since I broke my leg, Jose has made me beans for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

You did me a great favor!”

She ordered pizza, and I felt so much better.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Tuesday Kidlit Trivia for June 7, 2022

 While a lot of childrens books written by celebrities are awful, "Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born," which came out in 1996, is beloved among adoptive families. The author, an actor who is the child of two movie stars, is also a baroness through marriage but chooses not to use the title. This is Jamie Lee Curtis, mom to three adopted children. +

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Tuesday Kidlit Trivia for May 31, 2022

 His first book, the self-published "Little Squeegy Bug," launched his writing career when Eleanor Roosevelt mentioned it on her radio program. Eric Carle illustrated this author's "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" book, and Lois Ehlert illustrated his "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom." This high school English teacher who wrote books that celebrate rhythm, rhyme and repetition is Bill Martin Jr. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Tuesday Kidlit Trivia for May 24, 2022

 This Harvard-educated writer/illustrator's books featured wordplay with common expressions in "Chocolate Moose For Dinner" and "The King Who Rained," but he may be remembered more for the roles he played on TV as Officer Muldoon and Herman Munster. This is Fred Gwynne, July 10, 1926-July 2, 1993.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Tuesday Kidlit Trivia for May 17, 2022

 Tuesday Kidlit Trivia for May 17, 2022--This Connecticut author/illustrator is a lifelong animal lover, and his art reflects the rambunctious humor of childhood. His picture books from 1979, 1981 and 1982 featured an energetic Great Dane named Pinkerton, and later books retold classic tales. This is Steven Kellogg.