Tuesday, May 1, 2012

When I went to the magazine writing workshop in March, I hiked into the woods a little and took a picture of a deer blind, because I thought it looked like a "time out" room for naughty authors. Thanks to the markets book from Paula Morrow, I found the Young Bucks Outdoors e-zine and I've sold them two nature articles. I was going through my Boyds Mills photos again the other night, and came across the deer blind picture. I queried YBO--would they like an article on how building a deer blind would be a good family project? They said yes, and so then I had to go on line and learn how in the heck to build a deer blind! Today I heard that the article was perfect, that they planned to pay me more for it than they had for the other two, they would also buy the photo, and to please send them more queries!
So I guess you just never know how you're going to benefit from a workshop!