Thursday, May 30, 2013

A note from a teacher makes me proud to be a writer!

  I heard from a kindergarten teacher this morning on the Blue Boards who loves my action rhyme Body Language!  She is always looking for fun ways to get her kids to express their feelings, and she has them act it out and feels that the words and pictures go together perfectly.  She said she's going to share it with the school counselor to use with other kids!  This is what makes all the waiting and disappointment and frustration that comes with being a writer totally WORTH IT!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hit the Highlights Trifecta This Year!

   I got the author copies of the June issue of High Five, which has my action rhyme Body Language on page 32.  It occurred to me that in 2013 I will have an article in each of the 3 Highlights magazines--this one in High Five, in rebus in Highlights in September, and a poem in Hello in late fall!  They have also purchased the craft project on making farolitos, but I don't know if that will be in this year or next.  I just love writing for Highlights!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Tweeted 3 Pitches to Agent Terrie Wolf--Asked to Send Queries on 2!

    Terrie Wolf is a Colorado agent looking for clients and manuscripts, and she asked me to send a query for Ready to Run and Confetti the Yeti!  Sent them off tonight, just hours after I figured out how to tweet.  My aging brain feels like guacamole.  Time to go soak in my softub.

Still not sure what a hashtag is...

...but I can now tweet!  I signed up for Twitter today to run some picture book ideas past agent Terrie Wolf.  I feel so very techie.  I'm on there as @Chamamama2000  I posted (very short) pitches for Mom Dot Com, Ready to Run, and Confetti the Yeti.
   Lots of progress so far this month.  On May 1st I entered my 12x12 story Squid-Eye Sally's Pirate Presents, submitted my rhyming manuscript Confetti the Yeti to Jennifer Dechiara (who has a special interest in books for the LGBT community), my Ready to Run "faction" story to Holiday House, and Cowboy Chuck and the Lost Buckaroo to Charlie Olsen and Inkwell Management. I also sent Ready to Run to Rate Your Story--hope it does better that Cowboy Chuck did! 
    Sent all these messages in bottles out to sea--now to wait to see what the tide brings in!