Thursday, February 28, 2013

I announce with great gladness...

...I'm part of March Madness!  The children's poetry challenge, that is.  64 entrants were chosen, based on a submitted rhyme, and we'll face off in March.  Each player is given a challenge partner and a word, and then a day to write a poem for children that features that word.  Votes are tallied, the winner moves on, the loser is out.  Last year, words included "kinkier" and "nonconfrontational"!  Famous children's author Jane Yolen was knocked out in round 1 in 2012, so who knows what can happen!  I'm excited.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Writng Picture Books Can Be Violent!

   I wrote such a good little, innocent story today, and then--cue the chainsaws!  I cut and hacked and chopped, and pared it down to the bare bones.  The story is based on an idea I came up with in November during PiBoIdMo, about two friends and a dog, and a hurricane.
   Next step will be to write a query letter for it, and Emma Watson Hamilton recently critiqued one I wrote earlier.  Return of the chainsaws!  Cut the query letter, too!  Throw it in the wood chipper!
   But, a great joy this month has been contributing to David L. Harrison's blog on poetry, and having the wonderful author Iza Trapani say she loves my limerick.  The swords are sheathed, at least for a moment. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

January's Over!

   January seems like the looooongest month.  With all due respect to Dr. King, there are no silly, fun holidays in January.  Here in Glenwood Springs we had bitter cold temperatures, then a wierdly warm spell where it rained.  I got rejections in the mail, and I had to hire a plumber when I couldn't unclog the toilet, and I got a miserable cold and couldn't work for over a week, and had to get four new tires for my car. But, I also signed up for 12x12 and I'm excited that I'll be able to present one of my manuscripts to a real agent or editor every month.  It can't hurt!  I've signed up for a poetry challenge this spring, entered the Saturday Evening Post Valentine poem contest, and entered an easy reader story in the Highlights fiction contest.  I've submitted six pieces so far, with a goal of 50 again this year in addition to the 12 picture book manuscripts.
   So farewell January, and welcome February!