Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Writng Picture Books Can Be Violent!

   I wrote such a good little, innocent story today, and then--cue the chainsaws!  I cut and hacked and chopped, and pared it down to the bare bones.  The story is based on an idea I came up with in November during PiBoIdMo, about two friends and a dog, and a hurricane.
   Next step will be to write a query letter for it, and Emma Watson Hamilton recently critiqued one I wrote earlier.  Return of the chainsaws!  Cut the query letter, too!  Throw it in the wood chipper!
   But, a great joy this month has been contributing to David L. Harrison's blog on poetry, and having the wonderful author Iza Trapani say she loves my limerick.  The swords are sheathed, at least for a moment. 

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