Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another Bear Card!

   After getting word the other day that four of my six poems for Hello were rejected, I wondered if I should have sent in any more.  But I already had, and today I got a bear card for both of them!  I'm so excited to see Hello when it comes out.  Exciting to be part of a brand new magazine!

Sunday Surprise!

   I had sent a proposal five months ago to Appleseeds magazine to do an article on animal legends for their Cleopatra issue.  But, I never heard back and I figured they weren't interested.  Then on Sunday morning (!) September 9th, I get an e-mail from the editor, Susan Buckley, with my assignment!  Do a 150 word piece on the animals that represented the gods and goddesses, and have it in by October 8th!  It would pay $75 and will appear on the back cover of the March 2013 issue.
   I spent hours and hours on it, writing, cutting, rewriting, cutting, but finally got a rough draft that was the right word count.  I sent it to Susan and she liked it!  So I added one more animal and did some more cutting, polished up my reference list and sent it out.  Today I noticed I'm supposed to make copies of any pages from books that I used, so I'll have to go check them all out again and do that, but anyway I'm tickled to add another magazine to my list.  All this happened because I met the head of all the Cobblestone magazines, Lou Waryncia, at the Highlights workshop on magazines at the Barn, so I am more grateful than ever to Christine for the scholarship!