Thursday, July 30, 2015

Twitter Jitters

   BAM!  It seems to happen so fast, unlike every other aspect of this wacky writing/revising/submitting business.  You describe your story in under 140 characters, send it out on Twitter, and that very day, sometimes within the hour, your idea is touched by an agent's fairy wand!  Favorited! Sprinkled with Twitter glitter!
   BAM!  You speedily submit your story to the interested agent, and then...sometimes a conversation begins, and hopes are raised.  Sometimes, there is absolutely. no. word.  I've had both situations happen this summer, and I still remain hopeful.  Somehow the waiting seems harder when the initial contact was faster than a melting mocha milkshake. 
    I've reduced my submissions to a trickle and have been sending poems to magazines while I wait.  And I try to work on my fitness and health--finished my first 5K this summer!  (OK, I came in 310th, but I made it!)
   I remember thinking the finish line would never come into view, but it did, and I'm sure I'll eventually hear back from my pitch pickers, too.  How do you handle the post-pitch-favorite blues?