Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sweeping out the cobwebs

    My poor blog has been neglected this summer as I finished up my thirty-four radiations, the end of my breast cancer treatment!  Here's me ringing the bell three times to mark the end of my adventure.

    The Highlights workshop was my reward for getting through chemo.  There was a brief scare at my last oncology appointment that I might have thyroid cancer, but the biopsy showed I'm fine.  Now I'm done with everything, I feel terrific, and my hair is growing back!  And, I'm back to writing, revising and submitting.
     Although I don't have much writing news (I did get a bear card on a rebus I sent to Highlights, and a poem is being considered for High Five), other good things have happened.  I got a job!  Not an easy task when one is nearly 63 and nearly bald.  I work in the child care at the Community Center, and although it's part-time I get a free pass to use the gym and pool.  My next goal is to lose 50 pounds, and I've lost 18 so far, so this will help. 
     And my happiest news?  This morning, Dylan Maxwell, my grandbaby, is hot off the press!
  I can't wait to go see him in a few weeks.  About the same time I found out I had cancer, Josh and Carrie found out that Dylan was on his way.  Life goes on, and today is such a joyous day!