Friday, May 3, 2013

Still not sure what a hashtag is...

...but I can now tweet!  I signed up for Twitter today to run some picture book ideas past agent Terrie Wolf.  I feel so very techie.  I'm on there as @Chamamama2000  I posted (very short) pitches for Mom Dot Com, Ready to Run, and Confetti the Yeti.
   Lots of progress so far this month.  On May 1st I entered my 12x12 story Squid-Eye Sally's Pirate Presents, submitted my rhyming manuscript Confetti the Yeti to Jennifer Dechiara (who has a special interest in books for the LGBT community), my Ready to Run "faction" story to Holiday House, and Cowboy Chuck and the Lost Buckaroo to Charlie Olsen and Inkwell Management. I also sent Ready to Run to Rate Your Story--hope it does better that Cowboy Chuck did! 
    Sent all these messages in bottles out to sea--now to wait to see what the tide brings in!

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