Thursday, February 16, 2012

How sensitive

Just wanted to share the most tenderhearted almost-rejection notice that I've ever receved, from StoryCub, a company in Minnesota that makes a video of a child reading your book:  "Your books have not been accepted or rejected at this time. They read too quickly for what we are currently producing. I guess you could say they have been rejected, but that seems too harsh. We will be discussing your books further and get back to you if we can get one or more into production. Kind regards.."   Sure beats all the checkmark-in-a-box rejections I've received over the years!


  1. I hope someone will send me a gentle rejection, or should I say, postponement,like that!

  2. That's lovely, but it kind of leaves you in limbo if you want to sub elsewhere! I think I'd rather have a yes or a no.

    1. Hi, Ruth! Thanks for commenting! You're the first "stranger" (although all writers are a little strange!) to visit my blog. Welcome welcome! I'd like to find more companies like this one that turn books into videos, or into apps. That seems like an exciting market!