Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Good News

  September--Baseball Buns (rejected by Highlights and  HumptyDumpty magazines) was the story of the day on the Knowonder site for September 27th.  My "How to Build a Deer Blind" story is up on the Young Bucks Outdoors website.

 October--Got an e-mail from the editor at Turtle magazine, and she wants to purchase my craft project, printing with lilacs!  It was rejected by Highlights, but will appear in the Mar/Apr. edition of Turtle.
   Also in October, I sent a query to Storypie Press regarding my Bottled Anger story, and they responded the next day that they wanted to see it.  So I submitted it right away and am waiting to hear.

   I've sent in 45 submissions so far this year, and my goal is 50, so I think I'll make it.  I talked with Colorado Mountain College, and I'm going to offer a one-day workshop on marketing writing for children on February 9, 2013.  The writing has gone well this year!

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