Saturday, March 22, 2014

Downs and Ups

   I had such high hopes for my story Biscochito Man, which went to the acquisitions committee at Charlesbridge in December.  But the word came today from editor Julie Ham that they had turned it down.
   However, the bad news came on a good day--because I won Round 1 of the March Madness Poetry Tournament!  Last year I went out in the first round, so my goal this year was just to make it through to Round 2.  The voting this year is in three parts: the general public, the other "authletes," and classrooms.  I am very pleased to have won all three!
    General public--126 to 71
    Other poets--27 to 13
    Classroom--11 to 6
     I was fun to have my daughter Molly in Seattle following the voting and the comments, and texting me that she was proud of me.  My word was an odd one, "junto," and here is my poem:
Ben Hangin' With His Junto
Ben Franklin was a printer, an inventor and a wit.
He loved discussing issues in a tavern where he'd sit
With eleven friends, his junto, to moralize and sip.
"A penny saved's a penny earned!"  Ben never left a tip.
Begun in 1727, they met each Friday night,
Until the tavern staff suggested Ben go fly a kite.


  1. The "almosts" are harder. Later, you might feel differently, realizing that, hey- you obviously are in the ballpark. But speaking for myself, they initially sting.
    Good that it came on a day of good news, also.

  2. Sorry things with Charlesbridge didn't work out, but I'm glad it was offset by some good news. Btw, I've heard it's best to avoid naming names when it comes to submissions/acquisitions/etc. I think it's great that you're talking about your publishing journey, but maybe it would be better to keep it anonymous? Good luck!