Monday, November 3, 2014

This is What You'd Call A Good Day...

...even though I'm not a finalist in the Halloween contest.  I got a contract in an e-mail from Highlights--they are purchasing another rebus!  Then the snail mail came, and I got a bear card from Kathleen Hayes for a poem I subbed to High Five, and it seems that about 70% of the time, a bear card leads to a sale.  (It's a postcard with a family of bears that says "Thank you for bearing with us while we review your manuscript.") And, a royalty check (for the astronomical sum of $9.02) from Continental Press from sales of my easy readers.  I  mailed off a submission, and entered a manuscript to be critiqued by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallenin the next Plotting Webinar, so all in all I felt quite authorly today!

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