Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Feeling Encouraged!

      This has been a good week so far.  On Monday, I got a 2 from Rate Your Story (highest score I've ever received) on my rhyming PB, Trashing Through the Snow.  On Weds. I got a very encouraging critique on another rhymer, Confetti the Yeti from Danielle Davis of, zeroing in on some clunkers I'd missed.  I tried my hand at a mystery for the Highlights contest--so now I have something else to revise during Meg Miller's ReviMo next week!  I also submitted this week--a rebus and Trashing--to Joelle Dujardin at Highlights.  But I'd still love to see it as a picture book.
     My strategy this year is to pick my 12 favorite manuscripts and choose one each month to send out to several publishers.  Trashing is my January centerfold!

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