Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Here I am in Boyds Mills, Pennsylvania in my cozy little cabin!  The driver Bob stood at the bottom of the Newark airport escalator with a Highlights magazine in his hand, and he drove Liz from Toronto and me here with one stop--at Frank's Pizza in New Jersey. Fabulous pizza!  We stopped at the Barn, where the chefs Marcia and Heather gave us warm blueberry muffins, the best macarroons I've ever tasted, and deli containers of wine to take back to our rooms!  Liz came over to visit--she's a grandma, too, and so well-travelled and interesting.  Tomorrow, we take the tour of the Highlights offices.  So, with a full moon, mild weather, a new friend, a full tummy and wifi, I'm signing off for tonight.  Bueno, --Deb

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  1. Deb, it sounds like heaven. I hope you have a productive week and some fun too! xo Miss ya. You're first roomie!