Thursday, March 8, 2012

Highlights Offices

  Our driver into Honesdale, Heather, left us off a little early so we toured some of the cool little shops in Maud's Alley (got my 11 yr. old grandson a kit to make a clock that runs on two potatoes for batteries!) and then walked to the beautiful old Victorian house on Church Street and had our tour, given by an intern, Lisa.  We met with Joelle Dujardin,who handles fiction; Annie Beer, who showed us samples of some of the craft ideas she gets; and Debra Hess, who handles non-fiction and world culture articles. On our way to sit down in the conference room with Andy Boyles the science editor, Kathleen Hayes from High Five came down stairs and gave me a hug!  She was surprised to see me, and told me she had just been looking at the art that will go with my action rhyme, Garden Stretch.  So good to see her!  And Christine Cully, editor in chief, will be a dinner guest tomorrow or Saturday.  It's so nice seeing familiar faces from Chautauqua!
    Tonight we had a wondrful dinner and then met as a group (12 conferees, 4 instructors) and chatted about tomorrow's schedule.  My mentor will be Lou Warnycia, editor at Cobblestone, Odysey, Caliope and that whole group of mags.  I submitted my roadrunner piece--hopefully he can help me make it take off and fly!

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