Monday, April 16, 2012

A Couple of Firsts

     Last month, using the Magazine Markets for Children book we all got at the Highlights conference, I found an online magazine for kids that looked like a good fit for nature-type stories. I reworked my Thunder article about partially burned pine trees so that it was more for kids.  I sent a query, got a yes the next day, e-mailed the article & photo and got an acceptance the next day, had my contract in a week and my check in two weeks!  My first sale of a photo, and my first e-zine credit.
     This month, I sold them another reworked Thunder article and photo on how forest fires affect fish.  These sales are only $25, but they're pretty easy money!  One thing I've learned from Christine at Highlights is that when you sell a story, you only sell that particular arrangement of words, and that its perfectly acceptable to rework a story and send it somewhere else.

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