Friday, April 13, 2012

Sharing a Memory at High Five

     High Five's facebook page asked for parenting advice we'd received through the years, and I submitted a line from my dear friend, Carol Van Why: "Will they remember the unmade bed, or the talk we had instead?"  This week I got an e-mail from Hilary who runs the facebook page that this quote has been chosen to appear in High Five!  The next day I heard from Kathleen Hayes, editor at High Five:  "I just got an e-mail from Hilary telling me that you are our premier parenting advice columnist!  We will use a photo of a Dad talking to a avery young boy, and your lovely quote.  So, thanks!  It will be great to have you on our cover wrap!"  I wrote back to make sure they use Carol's name.  Carol passed in 1992, twenty years ago, and it will be so nice for her kids and grandkids to see her words and her name on a wonderful magazine for kids.  Her middle daughter Sabrina, who is expecting her first child next month, thanked me for keeping her mom's memory alive.  It feels really good that I can honor Carol this way.

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