Monday, August 27, 2012

On to the Next Chapter

  Well, I was visiting family in Colorado when I got the word that I did not get the reading coach job, after taking out a big fat loan to get my reading masters and volunteering for two years.  It absolutely broke my heart, and things weren't going well at home, and my kids seemed like they could use my help, so I decided to quit my beloved library job (17 hrs. a week just wasn't enough) and move home.  My old cowboy was very hurt and angry, and he gave me one night to get everything out of his house. My friend Kathy came over and we dumped drawers into trash bags and stuffed things in boxes and suitcases, all to be sorted later.  Kathy took me home and fed me and let me stay in her beautiful guest room, and stored whatever I couldn't fit in my Meg's SUV.
   I went back to Colorado and returned Megan's Denali, and came back to Jemez Springs to finish my last two shifts at the library.  On Friday night the Animal Amigos held a party for me, and on Saturday night, Eva brought me to Los Ojos and a party with the Friends of the Library.  The outpouring of love was amazing!  I took all that I could pack in my car and came back to Glenwood.  Bit by bit I'm unpacking and getting settled, and looking for work.
  Writing has gone to the back burner.  One of my first pieces of forwarded mail was a rejection letter for a story I really love, "My Two Grandmas," rejected by Boyds Mills.  But, my story Baseball Buns, which had been rejected by Highlights ages ago, was accepted by the site Knowonder, which is an app for parents to download a new story every day.  My first app story--what a great new market!  And although the app is free to parents, they do pay their authors.
   I still have several submitted pieces out there, and I may just wait to hear on them before I start writing and submitting again.  My first priority is finding a job.

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