Sunday, March 17, 2013

Waiting and Wondering

   Julie Hedlund has created a fabulous program for authors in 12x12, and a wonderful facebook community as well.  She is very kind and does not want anyone hurt or frustrated to learn that someone else has heard from the agent that reviews manuscripts every month, while they themselves may have heard not a word. That is her right and her responsibility as creator of that site.
   However, some of us want to share the celebrations and frustrations that come with submitting to an agent, and we are toughened by enough rejections to where we can handle it.  I would love to know if this month's agent, for example, is responding to any of the submissions, and what can be learned from her comments.  In fact, that's one of the reasons I joined 12x12 at the gold level.
    So if you are stout of heart, and you can handle others' successes without taking it personally when you are not as fortunate, you are welcome to share your thoughts here.  And please share your good news as well!


  1. I'll be happy to comment. I submitted to our February agent and while it wasn't a yes, he did state that there was a need in the market for my particular topic. He thought the writing was poised and polished. He thought it read more like a short story, because my PB had a lot of dialogue. I had a good experience from this. I went back, revised, submitted it to another publisher who liked it and asked me to resubmit with it in bilingual form and to fix one part. Fingers are crossed. But I am thankful for 12 x 12 feedback I received because it forced me to make the manuscript event better.

  2. That's great feedback, Tami! My fingers are crossed for you, too! My Feb. review wasn't as encouraging for my cowboy story, so I sent hired Rob Sanders, author of Cowboy Christmas, to critique it for me, and I think it is a much better story now. He's now looking over my revised manuscript, and hopefully I'll have it ready to send out soon.