Friday, August 23, 2013

Agent Danielle Smith's Webinar

   I really enjoyed this webinar, especially to hear that Danielle doesn't think it's absolutely mandatory for authors to have a "platform"--Twitter, facebook author page, etc. and because she feels the same way I do about the importance of hanging around little ones.  I subbed in the toddler room at my daughter's preschool this week, and got inspired to write a story during naptime.  It's so good to see what makes them laugh, what holds their interest, etc.  I just can't get that sitting here at my desk!  My grandkids inspire me, too, but they're far away. 


  1. Hi Deborah! I teach martial arts to students ages 4 through adult, I run an after school program for kindergarteners through eighth grade, I am an approved READ TO ME volunteer and reading coach, and I babysit my boss' three year old. I think I get my daily "kiddie" fix...;~)

    Take care,

    Donna L Martin

  2. Wow, Donna, good for you! You are really up to date on kids' slang, interests, likes and dislikes, etc. That has to be a huge help in writing for kids!

  3. Great question!
    I'm with Donna (above) as a reading volunteer
    BookPALS is a volunteer reading group that I'm dedicated to serving.
    But many other organizations seek qualified volunteers to read.
    Pass a background check, explain your interest in good books & let a school or afterschool or summer program,put you to good use.

    Jan Godown Annino

  4. You are so right, Jan! I'm a member of Spellbinders, a group of trained volunteers who tell stories in classrooms. I have four different kindergartens I visit, and it's great to have a live audience to try out my stories.

  5. I do a Story and Craft program in our local kindergartens, using my Show Me How book as the resource. It's a really popular program...the teacher's love it...and the kids eat it up...when it is recess time, the teachers have to insist they go out to play...they would rather listen to stories and do arts and crafts projects.:) We will be moving to New Hampshire next month...I've already done the program in my grandson's Kindercare preschool class there and the director can't wait for me to get there so I can do it on a regular basis.:)

  6. Good luck with your move, Vivian! Your grandson's classroom is lucky to have you, and what a great way for you to keep in touch with the picture book crowd! I'll have to look for your book. I sub at a preschool and I'm always looking for new ideas.