Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Stalked by a Lavender Ninja!

  I signed up for WriteOnCon for two reasons: 1.)  I work weekends and I live in a small town, so going to conferences involves travel and a missed paycheck, and 2.) it seemed like another opportunity to get my work in front of agents.  "Ninja Agents" stalk the forums looking for queries or stories that appeal to them.
   Yesterday on the query forum, I got a request from "Ninja Agent Lavender" asking me to private message my Confetti the Yeti story!  I was so excited, but when I tried, I got a message that the agent was not accepting PMs!  Aaaagh!  But she wrote me again that she'd fixed the problem and to try again, so I did.
    Let the waiting begin!  I so hoped that I would hear from her this morning, that she (or he) would love it and that a contract would shoot out of my printer.  It didn't happen.  But, we writers are a patient breed...
    In other news, Glenwood Springs caught fire last night (thank goodness for the rain that followed),  and I heard from my friend in Cedaredge who is planning a picnic for my visit tomorrow.  It was a very busy evening!

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