Thursday, September 22, 2016

Rocky Mountain SCBWI conference in Denver!

    Yay, retirement!  Finally, Saturdays off, and I was able to attend the SCBWI event in Denver.  I found a cute, very clean mom&pop motel for lots less than the Marriott, which allowed me to buy books and get them signed for my grandkids!  I caught the last evening the outdoor motel pool was open, and I enjoyed it thoroughly, swimming while the sun set.
     I enjoyed the speakers and the panels, and I'm excited to hear that PB bios are a hot item.  A big reason to attend conferences is the chance to submit to editors and agents that are normally closed.  So, in the days following the conference, I have submitted three different stories. Let the waiting begin! 
   $235 for the conference, $170 for two nights at the motel, $57 for books, chance to submit--priceless!

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