Monday, December 5, 2016

A Thankful Perspective

  Amid so many rejections, it's sometimes hard to feel thankful.  But I am.  I'm thankful for the many writer friends I've made through the years on-line, and for the occasional magazine sale that gives me hope.  I'm also incredibly grateful for a clear mammogram this fall, two years after my surgery, chemo and radiation.  After a devastating, blindsiding never-saw-it-coming break up, and months of crying every day, I've met a nice man who is helping me feel appreciated again.  I have train tickets to see my grandkids in Seattle for Christmas, which fortunately I bought before I got the $726 bill from my plumber, due Dec. 18th. Then again, I'm happy to have a house to repair.
   So I'm stepping back and putting things in perspective.  Looking just at my submissions, it's been a lousy year.  But taking the broader view, I have my health, a little romance, healthy grandkids and a warm home.  I have writer friends who can commiserate with me, and I have the drive to keep submitting.  And 2017 will be a brand new year to try again! Good luck to us all!

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